The Hoonicorn's Last Ride? Ken Block's Final Drive in the 1400hp AWD Mustang Hoonicorn V2

Ken Block

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    Ken Block and Ford Motor Company’s exclusive partnership has brought in some real hardware over the past decade in rally and rallycross. 19 race wins plus 17 other podium finishes, 2 X Games medals, well over a billion video views across Block’s social media platforms, and the first ever World Rally Championship points scored for the brand by an American driver. As of January 2021, that exclusivity comes to an end, with Block becoming a free agent. And that means his options behind the wheel are now wide open.
    “Working with Ford over the past decade has been awesome.” says Ken Block. “From racing all over the world, to accumulating a half billion views from Gymkhana THREE to Gymkhana TEN, to creating the Emmy nominated series The Gymkhana Files for Amazon Prime - along with building a fleet of Fords including the iconic AWD Mustang Hoonicorn and F-150 Hoonitruck - it’s been a great partnership. It’s simply been a dream come true to work with the company that built the truck that my Dad drove when I was a teenager. I’m super appreciative to Ford for the support over the years, but I am also looking forward to what an unrestricted 2021 holds, and the ability to spread my wings a bit and play with a lot other toys.
    2020 was a big year for Block and his Ford vehicles. He took the overall win at Rally Barbados in a WRC2 Ford Fiesta, won his class (and 3rd overall) at Rally Legend in San Marino in his Ford Escort Cossie V2, and also won the first ever Projekt E race of the FIA World RallyCross Championship in Holjes, Sweden, in a Ford Fiesta. Along with winning races, Block and Hoonigan launched the all-new viral video series,- Hoonicorn Vs The World. Spanning 11 episodes, the series features Ken racing his 1965 Ford Mustang RTR Hoonicorn against a variety of wild vehicles including a McLaren Senna and the World’s Fastest Donk. The series has been viewed over 34 million times since its launch in late November.
    What does the next chapter have in store? Ken Block and Hoonigan Racing Division will be announcing new partnerships very soon. In the meantime, enjoy this video of Ken’s favorite Ford - the 1,400 horsepower AWD Mustang Hoonicorn V2 - get taken on its “last ride”.

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    1. Aaron Maduro

      Is ford taking the mustang from Ken or will Ken keep it but cant film with it anymoore ??? Need moore info here BUDDY!!!!! an make them stop cutting dam onions!!!!

    2. James Hawkins

      ill buy it

    3. James Carter

      Did I miss in a video or comments where it indicated how fast this car was 0-60 or 0-100? Does anyone know? Thank you.

    4. jhn 1094

      i dont understand, im no an expert so if anyone can explain am gratefull, but, why is he able to run again on it.? is Forf taking it away or what is it.?

    5. Taylor Jump

      Back to Subaru he goes!!!!!

    6. KReGaDeTH

      Please don’t destroy it, please tell me you donated it to a charity auction

    7. karl stewart

      not the fastest as not had it vs same bph or vs more as theres a lambo at 2kbhp as base on the game u can change the gearing for them to go faster but in real world 4 wheel drive car with same amount bhp pull the same if put it up a elec car that thing get smoked and there is a few that not built for the road so kinder wish u guys put up with real cars that fully tune as much as ur car but most the cars were rear wheel drive or front so to me not the faster car in world ive seen faster and better for straight line drag

    8. Stevie B

      What about the fox body?

    9. Pascal Junger

      what the hell is this? oh, some car, ok I guess.

    10. Kmmander Hickcox

      God how much is it and where is it for sale? Jesus, I'm gonna miss this car, long hours spent in my engineering class in high school watching this with a buddy of mine back in MT

    11. nick zigrang

      Should've done a This vs That against the Segway

    12. lake rouse

      So is that why I can was driving it like you stole it through this whole series

    13. Ndanji Siame

      So... No Hoonifox😢

    14. PJ Ludda

      Wait?...So none of the buttery Ford awesomeness anymore?...You better not be going to Chevy, Ken...Would NOT be a happy boy if that were the case.... >.

    15. Iain Richardson

      I'm not crying you're crying!!!!

    16. Adrien Pinard

      The damaged beautician intriguingly film because plow affectively annoy around a ubiquitous key. aboriginal, physical station

    17. Kyle B

      Which car company becomes next sponsor. Part of me thinks chevy because you can definitely hoon a SS to be the next corn. But part of me hopes Nissan

    18. Cavan Jordan

      One of the coolest dudes in one of the coolest cars - doesn't get much better than that!

    19. David Bou

      Honda/Acura next? Since there are several folks in drifting representing Toyota already.

    20. Jay Belle

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    21. Matthew Hill

      I feel like this is the most reliable car with the Ford logo on it.

    22. Bryson Bloomfield

      when he came to buffalo, i was able to get a glimpse of what he was doing, something i’ll never forget

    23. Oliver Hodge

      This is it. Just waiting to see what will be "it" in 20 years when my daughter is like 25. Wonder what will be the standard then

    24. Two One Se7en

      Godspeed little buddy. ❤️

    25. grace lacy

      time to make shit car 1400hp and awd

    26. Elite Harrington

      Can't wait to see what make and model vehicle Ken works with next 🧐

    27. Kyle Hollenbeck

      How is it the last time? Isn’t it his? Or does Ford own it?

    28. BILL WYNNE


    29. Mac Parise

      So.... are you gonna mad max the hoonicorn now...?

    30. Osama Tarek

      you can still watch it here

    31. Christopher Augustine

      So was this like the old Ford $1 cars? He might get to keep it, if that is the case. Ford has the option (but not requirement) to buy back the car at the end of the contract. Also, it seems like this should be loaned (at least for a while) to the Freedom Factory that Cleetus is doing. Just a thought.

    32. Chad T

      Ken or any Hoonigan, why don’t you team up with Elon and send this Legend to the moon?

    33. Adam Dehner

      Ken Block without Hoonicorn is like fast and furious without Paul Walker.

    34. Matheus Figueró

      My dream of seeing a "Hoonicop" has been crushed. Just imagine a Hoonicorn built on a Crown Vic? It would be so sick! But i gotta say i'm hyped to see what comes next. (Fingers crossed for a Chevy partnership)

    35. Gerry Rogue

      Ken do you want to sell the hoonicorn i want to buy it everything i have seen from you has impressed me and that car was the ultimate love everything you do im going to miss seeing that carcant wait to see whats next

    36. MAD 65

      Damn so he cant own the Hoonicorn? Thought it was His own....

    37. Susan randau

      Say its not so!!!!!😣😢😞 Way to cool of an engineering feat to just let it sit in a warehouse somewhere. C'mon ford let the horse run free!!!!!

    38. The Glitch 93

      Goodbye hoonicorn, we will never forget the fire shooting, tire slaying monster

    39. Team Heat

      Ken speaks like he is brain dead Alex flores is right

    40. ES23X :]

      The hooni collection belongs in a racing museum this thing is sooo iconic

    41. ES23X :]


    42. John Bolton

      L E G E N D A R Y !!!

    43. alex rakowski

      i wonder what brand he is going to rock our worlds with next. my personal favorite is the focus rs

    44. TM P

      Found On Road Divorced

    45. Beau Haker

      Thanks for all the memories! Good work to all of you!... Looking forward to future hoon... That said what the fuck is going to happen to that car now?!? I hope it doesn't sleep with the fishes if you know what I mean... Also hope it just doesn't get tucked away..that is automotive royalty but what and I imagine every viewer of your series wants to see what the fuck it does on it an actual race track and have it race some actually fast cars.... I truely believe that's what the people want... And these days.. we need it!.. I want to see it put down lap times also.. might freaking cry when I see what it does going through the traps though... Henry Ford I'm sure would smile down upon you... I do not read any comments but I'm pretty sure 100% of your viewers would lose their fucking shit if you could make that happen... Also let Randy Probst have a go after going on the lap with Ken driving... It's what this world needs now get your shit together!

    46. Benr.y

      14:50 Ken is doing what we all do on Forza for skill points lol

    47. Sted Snellings

      "It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday"😢😂

    48. ▓▒UTOOBASAURUS▒▓

      Come on Ken, admit it, once you got behind the wheel of that electric thingy....the combustion thingy just kinda seemed to hold you back. (o: Cheers.

    49. Ace the original

      Where is the Hooncorn going to

    50. Derek Bailey

      I'm not crying you are

    51. patrick G

      ça été incroyable de le voir en action depuis toutes ses année et on espère le revoir dans d'autre projets fou!

    52. rog allen

      What happens to the hoonicorn now

    53. Will 2-B

      "The Hoonicorn's Last Ride" World, I don't know what we did to deserve 2020/2021, but we're really really sorry, and promise to be good.

    54. Ian Snarski

      i’m glad they made a good decision

    55. JAZ Pacific Rim Hobby

      I'm no mustang fan but it breaks my heart that the Hoonicorn is retired as well as my favorite one, The Hoonitruck. I can't wait to see what's next Ken and team.

    56. Lou Spowells

      Damn shame to see the relationship end, but I get it. He's a rally driver based in a country where Ford doesn't sell the model his rally car is based on anymore. It's not like he's going to drive a WRC Fusion. The only option he had left is a WRC Escape the partnership with the manufacturer that discontinued the model he was brought on to represent.

    57. Joshua Marshall

      What does the hoonicorn v3 will look like?

    58. herb soto

      For sale slightly modified garage kept trailer Queen never abused

    59. Adam Bland

      Thankyou for all the years of exhilaracing!!!! (hopefully to be continued ...)

    60. SquallRinoa89

      OMG is Ken Block going back to Subaru!?!?!?!? Please say YES...

    61. Pedro Carvalho

      Mas que aventura Ken e toda a todos os vídeos e muitos deles repetidamente de tanto gostar da adrelanina que vocês me deram ...sou fã de Ken desde de a sua aparição até agora e serei sempre um fã incondicional ...pois não vejo outro igual neste planeta....fico a espera de novas aventuras e vídeos delirantes como sempre... parabéns a vocês todos e um grande obrigado...a minha vontade e se eu podesse mesmo era dar umas voltas de carro ao teu lado isso sim era um sonho realizado 👍

    62. Emil huggarn

      The best sound ever🤙

    63. Rene Stanneveld

      Come on Ken retire. we got Pastrana now and he is way an better driver.

      1. The Glitch 93

        Oh you will stand up against the legend, you wont succeed

    64. ImortalKiller 21

      This needs to be a museum piece of the car world, and if it gets stolen, someones getting the chair, this deserves the glory

    65. Matthew Todd

      This is sad news! I was hoping to see the hoonicorn with Ken take on the Netflix hyperdrive circuits!!!

    66. Augustus Jones

      its 2021 dammit! im expressing it! im balling like a toddler scared of needles! Lol...nah, but it does hurt..... btw.... where's big Hurt?..... is he gonna be ok?

    67. Rasputin

      i’m not crying, gas fumes make me teary-eyed

    68. Lenny

      So the v2 Is because of the turbos or what was v1

    69. Jason Sayen

      So do you actually not own the car?

    70. Jason Sayen

      Just put the new sponsers sticker on it

    71. DrKrypton

      I just finished the garage to put it in. Send it!!

    72. Todd Hart

      What will happen to the Bad Ass Mustang

    73. Feenix

      The hoonicorn is an amazing machine, it gave inspiration to the build for my dream Car, though I may never own it. Watching that mustang rost all 4 chained to a post is how I found hooligan.

    74. Riley Coper

      Wow awesome mustang. Sad to see you guys break up so to speak.

    75. Zak Srdanovich

      😢 why, this car is literally my favorite out of the entire lineup.

    76. Harry Elliott

      Sad day 🧢

    77. Robb Wiersma

      As a Ford guy with a 67 Mustang, a 63 Fairlane, and a 2017 Mustang GT, this sucks. Thank you for all the fun times you gave us.

    78. Kyro

      Now we can hope you get sponsored by nissan

    79. Justin Libbey

      Glad I just bought this in forza yesterday morning

    80. D.A.L.

      I only have one question. How the hell does he see where he is and not hit anything or anyone through all that smoke?

      1. The Glitch 93

        Hes a god

    81. Super Chevy

      What a shame seeing something on its way to get crushed

    82. zijuiy wttuy

      I remember when all this came to light back in 2010. This is genuinely sad to know something that gave me so much joy will no longer be. All the best, Block.

    83. www.Marko

      The smell of burning tyres somehow came out of my headphones!

    84. Lucas Donner

      What Is Ken Block Gonna Do Now

    85. Jesus Condom

      Separating the hoonicorn from ken is like separating mator from lighting mcqueen

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        nooooo we want V3

    86. Thomas Adams

      hella sad about this! Freaking LOVE that car and how Ken rips it!

    87. carbon310

      so is ford keeping the car or wtf?

    88. paul medero

      What is ken talking about. Hes going to park it at home. Its his car.

      1. Paul Copeland

        How do you know it's his car?

    89. Landon Jones

      I can only imagine what other mind blowing car Ken will be set up with next.

    90. Matthew Garza


    91. Elimentus

      That outro though! Is V3 going to be supercharged???

    92. NFS_ TY

      What happened to the hoonifox build btw put the 7.3 Ltr in it

    93. Leo Morales

      You should collab with Tim the tat man he reacted to your vid you should try to teach him to drift

    94. Jonathan Pickup

      Salut, Hoonicorn. Here’s to many-a-great-rips that put smiles on many enthusiast’s faces 🏎💥💨

    95. Fight Exchanges


    96. Brat Kid

      now you need a 1970 dodge charger rt 2500 hp drift car better then the hoonicorn 6.2 liter hemi

    97. Dj m14

      I'll miss that twin turbo awd beast it was so fun watching it do donuts

    98. Gino Martin

      I'm now accepting donations in the form of hoonicorn and or honni drift trucks

    99. SupraNaturalTT

      At the very end are they implying an all electric next car?

    100. Gašper Bregar

      nooooo we want V3